Accident treatments

For accidents we are open continuously every day (except Wednesday afternoons). Please do not hesitate to come to us directly and immediately after the accident event. Depending on the urgency, we will provide you with immediate or prompt care. As accident physicians, we are responsible for all types of accident injuries, whether acquired at work, school, sports or other activities. Only those injured with recognizably severe or most serious injuries should seek immediate hospitalization.

Emergency phone: +49 9661 / 80336
Emergency preparedness 08:00 am – 06:00 pm

After completion of the clinic treatment, we carry out all follow-up treatments until your health is restored. This includes regular check-ups with X-ray diagnostics and sonography. Necessary prescriptions for medication, remedies and aids and sick notes are issued in full in accordance with legal requirements.

Dr. Scherer is an approved transit physician (D-Ärzte) of the German statutory accident insurances (Berufsgenossenschaften). In this capacity, his duties also include the preparation of expert reports in the case of permanent injuries. (More under Link expert opinion).

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