Inpatient surgery

The majority of all surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis. The legislator has also recognized this and has specified a catalog of so-called “inpatient” services in the German Social Code Book V – §115 b. These are procedures that are usually performed on an outpatient basis. Only if there are special reasons (serious additional illnesses of the patient(s), unavailable home care, etc.) may these surgeries still be performed as inpatient procedures. If such precisely defined reasons do not exist, the health insurance companies are entitled to refuse payment.

As much outpatient care as possible, as little inpatient care as necessary.

Nevertheless, there are still a large number of surgeries that are not possible on an outpatient basis for medical or technical reasons. These include surgeries that require the opening of large body cavities, e.g. the abdominal cavity. From our range of services, this concerns the large incisional hernias of the abdominal wall, but also some foot surgeries on older, frequently sick patients are often only possible on an inpatient basis.

Since the conclusion of consultation agreements with St. Anna Hospital in Sulzbach-Rosenberg in 2006, we have been able to operate on these patients ourselves in the hospital. After diagnosis and preparation in the practice clinic, which always takes place in close cooperation with the general practitioners, the patient is admitted.

  • Foot surgery (complex procedures)
  • Hemorrhoid surgery according to LONGO (Stapler method)
  • Anal fistula repair
  • Scar hernias of the abdominal wall with mesh implant
  • Osteosyntheses of the hand and forearm
  • Osteosyntheses for unhealed bone fractures (pseudarthroses)
  • Large metal removals from bones
  • Skin grafts
  • Chronic wounds (rehabilitation, also with vacuum therapy)

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