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DHG Seal Quality Assured Hernia Surgery

Quality Assured Hernia Surgery:

Our practice, where a large number of hernia operations are performed annually by our specialized surgeon Dr. med. Michael Scherer, has been ensuring the quality assurance standards required for the Herniamed study for many years and has been integrated into the Herniamed study for many years.

AQS1® Quality Assurance System:

AQS1 is a scientifically based system for quality assurance in outpatient surgery. The centerpiece is the AQA1 questionnaire with physician and patient sections, which documents the entire course of an outpatient operation from the initial consultation to the postoperative course.

AQS1 is a long-established scientific system for quality assurance in outpatient surgery. The central component is a questionnaire for recording pre-, intra- and postoperative data, which is presented to both the operating physician and the patient.

The survey captures the entire treatment process of an outpatient surgery. The patients’ satisfaction with the various areas of the practice or the surgery center is documented, including complaints and complications that occurred during the postoperative course. Of course, the assessment of the surgical information, the accompanying anesthesia or data such as the waiting time also play an important role.

The AQA1 questionnaire is designed to be interdisciplinary and is used throughout Germany by several thousand physicians from a wide range of specialties – both in private practice and for outpatient surgery in hospitals. The evaluation is carried out externally and independently by Medicaltex GmbH.

The response rate of the patient questionnaires is on average about 50%. If you receive an AQA1 questionnaire after surgery with us, we kindly ask you to fill it out. Your feedback is very important to us!