Accident treatments


Accident treatments For accidents we are open continuously every day (except Wednesday afternoons). Please do not hesitate to come to us directly and immediately after the accident event. Depending on the urgency, we will provide you with immediate or prompt care. As accident physicians, we are responsible for all [...]

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Outpatient surgery


Outpatient surgery When a surgery is due, a trip to the hospital is often unnecessary. Today, surgeons in private practice perform many surgeries on an outpatient basis. Up to 70% of all surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis without any disadvantages for patients. On the contrary, there [...]

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Hand surgery


Hand surgery Surgical procedures on the hands are the domain of outpatient surgeries. They can almost always be performed under local or regional anesthesia (arm only). The operated patient is not bedridden and has little pain to fear after the procedure. The most common clinical pictures are: Carpal tunnel syndrome [...]

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Foot surgery


Foot surgery The foot has an extremely complex structure. 26 bones are connected via 33 joints and over 100 ligaments hold them together. 20 muscles with their strong tendons provide movement and firm footing. A multitude of nerves supply the skin, muscles and tendons of the foot. This makes it [...]

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Hernia surgery


Hernia surgery In an abdominal wall hernia (also called abdominal wall hernia), intestines push through a weak spot in the abdominal wall. An abdominal wall hernia can have various causes. Weakened abdominal wall muscles or connective tissue weakness play a role, as does increased pressure inside the abdomen. This [...]

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Rectal diseases


Rectal diseases Proctology or coloproctology (Gr. πρωκτός (proktós) for "anus", κόλον (kólon) for "intestine" and -logy) is a medical sub-specialty dealing with the diseases of the rectum and the anal canal. A physician who focuses on proctology is called a proctologist. The use of the additional designation "proctology" requires [...]

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Expert opinion


Expert opinion As accident physicians, the physicians at our MVZ receive a high number of orders for the preparation of expert opinions from the various insurance carriers. Dr. Scherer is a certified expert of the Professional Association of German Surgeons (BDC). The social safety net in Germany is exemplary. We [...]

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Inpatient surgery


Inpatient surgery The majority of all surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis. The legislator has also recognized this and has specified a catalog of so-called "inpatient" services in the German Social Code Book V - §115 b. These are procedures that are usually performed on an outpatient [...]

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